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"The best speaker we have ever had at any conference in my 32 years of working life" Cash for Kids conference attendee.


Stephanie Hirst believes that anything is possible, but for her the odds were seemingly against her from day one.


Raised with an abundance of love by her adoring parents on a northern council estate during the 80s, she was bullied, teased & repeatedly told by others that her childhood dream of being on the radio…. would never come to fruition.


She was also battling a huge internal conflict, which threatened to destroy the radio dream & life she had worked so hard to accomplish.


Her story is a true rollercoaster, from entertaining audiences of millions, to having to make the gut-wrenching decision to either throw it all away, take her own life, or believe that she could rise from the ashes of a once celebrated career.

This is the inspirational story of how if you believe it, you can achieve it.


Believe Achieve works on many levels, including education of a lived experience of Transition, Diversity & Inclusion and is hugely motivational.


A true triumph over adversity.

"A huge thank you for coming along and sharing your story with the team. We have been overwhelmed with positive feedback from everyone, with colleagues saying that it has changed the way they think, for some it has been a complete refresh on their outlook on life and with so much admiration for your story shared by so many who came to see Mike and I afterwards. Colleagues definitely want more. One colleague said that this is the first time we have had anything so impactful and a signal to the company we are becoming rather than what we were. So we want to thank you whole heartedly for coming along and making such a huge impact with the leadership team here"



If you would like to book 'Believe Achieve' for your business, event or conference - please get in touch here for more details.


Gaining 15+ awards & over a decade hosting Capital FM’s breakfast show, in 2014 she made the brave decision to stop broadcasting, and finally focus on her personal life. After 4 years away from daily radio, she returned, this time to the BBC where she created The 'ARIA' award winning 'Stephanie Hirst Show’.

Since leaving the BBC, she has returned to commercial radio nationally on Bauer's 'Hits Radio' brand with her 90s, 00s & 10s 'Belters' show, born out of her Kitchen Belters streaming DJ sets, which reached millions on social media. The show essentially is a history of mainstream dance music. This, along with her Sunday evening show, 'The Throwback" brought her back to her rightful place on national radio.


You can hear the most recent show here.

Starting her career aged 12 at Radio Aire in Leeds, securing a slot on the overnight show at 16, this took her on an unbelievable journey hosting some of the biggest commercial radio shows in the UK, including the national Sunday top 40 show ‘Hit40Uk’ for 3 years, along with interviewing some of the world’s biggest stars.

She's written for The Guardian & The Independent, presented for ITV’s Lorraine & BBC Breakfast, is regularly seen on C5's Jeremy Vine on 5 and recently shared
 her 'Believe Achieve' story on ITV's Loose Women. 

With Diversity & Inclusion being incredibly close to her heart, she created 'Believe Achieve' to help educate those who want to learn more about LGBTQ+ issues along with motivating people to reach their potential in life. 

As she always says....If you believe can achieve it!

To book her 'Believe Achieve' talk for your business, organisation or school please contact here

Stephanie is a fellow & fomer trustee of the Radio Academy, former chair of the Student Radio Awards, and is a honorary degree recipient from Leeds Beckett University.

Steph is also an in demand host, compare, event & festival DJ.


To secure her for your event, contact her team here

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